will energize your domain portfolio. Each parking platform optimized better for a certain
set of domains. With the combination, our customers will have access to the best
optimization practices from both platforms.

Upgraded Optimization Technology

 Thanks to BigJumbo.com's keyword intensive optimization, DomainAdvertising.com's image oriented layouts and multiple other layers of optimization, the new and improved DomainAdvertising.com gives your domains ample possibilities to earn more revenue like never before.

Your new improved Domain Optimization

Better Reporting Capabilities

Our new domain management and reporting interface is highly intuitive and easy to use. The interface has been designed
to simplify the steps needed to begin the domain monetization process. Features such as folder setup, for sale notices,
and domain mapping between folders make the entire experience fast and easy.

Access to DomainAdvertising & BigJumbo Templates

DomainAdvertising is known for its graphic-rich, topical templates, whereas BigJumbo is popular for its superior
keyword based templates. With the combined technology, domains will be optimized using the template that
works best for each domain name.

Your new improved Domain Optimization

Larger Account Management Team

If the technical leverage around the merger wasn't enough, our customers will now have an added benefit of more human resources allocated to their accounts. Our combined expert Traffic Analyst and Account Management Teams will ensure that your domains show the best targeted content, thus increasing your overall revenue.

Your new improved Domain Optimization

Faster Response Time

Our clients will also have access to a larger support staff that will
guarantee even faster response time.

Your new improved Domain Optimization

Net 15 Day Payout

Keeping in sync with BigJumbo, DomainAdvertising will now move to a net 15 day payout.
Which means, our clients will now get paid within 15 days for every month.

Your new improved Domain Optimization