We are a pioneer in the domain industry when it comes to unparalleled focus on top-level interest and
buy-in from the best advertisers. We have strong partnerships with top advertisers and advertising
aggregators focused on domain traffic.

Fraud Control

Fraudulent traffic isn't good for advertisers, traffic providers, or domain service companies. If advertisers don't convert on the traffic they are provided, they will start reducing bid prices and ad -spend. And if traffic providers lose traffic quality due to any click fraud, then their profits from even genuine traffic will immediately start to nosedive. provides three levels of fraud control.

Proprietary Controls

Understanding the nature of traffic is what enterprise level domain service companies like do best. Every unique user, ad click, user identity, IP address, and many other metrics are measured and checked. Automated systems set off alarms when the nature of the traffic changes and we are first alerted. Sometimes, we may keep a fraudster's account active only for better understanding of the deceitful methods practiced; however, under no circumstances are advertisers charged for such fraudulent clicks. After we have learned the latest tricks, all fraudulent accounts are banned from the platform.

3rd Party Verification has also added an extra level of protection with the help of an industry standard 3rd party partner. They regularly audit our clicks and detect fraud through a completely independent system using their own proprietary technologies.

Upstream Verification

Our close association with upstream providers adds a third level of protection to the system. Suspect clicks that make it through to the providers are thoroughly reviewed and audited to identify any invalid traffic. Although invalid clicks rarely make to this level, verification by upstream providers does provide another level of strength to our anti-fraud program.