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Market Size

Market size of domain traffic sales and asset sales is estimated to be over $1 Billion annually
Some of the biggest domain names that you might know are professionally owned. Domains like,, and make the majority of their revenue by selling domain traffic. It is an unbelievable market that is still developing and full of opportunity.

10% of Search Advertising

The statistics on what percentage of traffic major search engines source from professional domain owners are still open to debate. As a general rule, search engines do not credit external traffic sources for their contributions and rarely break out "affiliate" traffic sources in ways other than traffic acquisition costs across all partners. Based on the reported revenue of the major search engines and the volumes of domain traffic that has analyzed, the best estimate to date is around 10%. Regardless of the exact amount, it is significant and worthy of consideration by all serious Internet advertisers.

10% of Domains Owned

Once again, credible research reports on all registered domains in the world, including country code domains, are hard to come by and date rapidly. Of all the .com, .net, and .org domains (which have easier data to be gathered), approximately 10% of them currently send their traffic to at least one of the various domain traffic monetization services. Moreover, several professional domainers maintain portfolios with greater than 100,000 domains each, with the largest comprising of over 500,000 domains.

$1 Billion Annually

Industry estimates peg the aggregate value of domain traffic sales and domain asset sales at over $1 billion annually.