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How can I enable a 'For Sale' notice?

Note that the 'For Sale' notice can be enabled only at a portfolio level. If you wish to change the 'For Sale' settings for a portfolio, click the 'All Portfolios' link on the 'Domain Management' page.

Here, click on the 'Settings' link next to the portfolio for which you want to change the settings. You can enable/disable the 'For Sale' notice using the toggle ON/OFF switch.

You can select any one of the following two options to get inquiries for your domains:

1. Receive inquiries through a form
By selecting this option, you can get details of all the inquiries through a simple form which is hosted at our end. The details will be sent via email to the email id provided by you.

2. Redirect visitors to your website
By selecting this option, you can redirect visitors to your own website when they click on the 'For Sale' link by providing your website URL.

For Sale Settings