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How can I optimize my domain names?

On the 'Domain Management' page, click on the 'All Domains' link or select the portfolio under which the domain has been added.

Click on the 'Edit Category' link next to the domain you wish to optimize and select the desired category from the list. Click on 'Update' and the domain category will be updated.

Once the category is updated, your domain will start showing a relevant template and relevant keywords based on the category you have selected.

Note that it is not mandatory to select a category for each domain name. Our Advanced Optimization Technology automatically assigns a category to all your domains and takes care of the optimization for your entire portfolio – small or large.

Optimize your Domains

How can I enable a 1-click lander for my domains?

You can enable a 1-click lander by sending a request to our Support Desk. However, please note that in order to ensure higher revenues, our optimization system takes the final call on whether to display a 1-click or a 2-click lander based on various parameters.